About us


DHC Search is a boutique executive recruitment firm committed to helping nonprofit organizations thrive.

Founder and Managing Partner David Hinsley Cheng brings with him 25 years of experience facilitating leadership transitions for hundreds of boards across the US and abroad.

Our seasoned team has recruited in all sectors of the nonprofit world, including arts, education, voluntary health, affordable housing, food insecurity, human services and membership associations. We are very well known for our involvement, personal connection and deep experience in the fields of intellectual/developmental disabilities and behavioral health.


At DHC, we don’t believe in a factory approach to search.  Just as each candidate has a different set of skills and strengths, there is no other organization exactly like yours. And so, while we continually draw on our extensive recruitment expertise, we recognize that each search will be distinct.

Recruiting high-performing senior executives can be a challenging task. In a leader, you’re looking for not just solid experience, but a strategic mind, a big, mission-driven heart, a strong, charismatic, empathetic management style, a cultural fit and more. Finding that perfect match who will move your organization forward requires us to work quickly, creatively, and effectively, and to work closely with our clients, listening and providing guidance specific to each search—exactly what a boutique firm can offer. Our breadth of search experience demonstrates our creativity and resourcefulness in candidate identification and outreach, and, in learning what makes each organization special, we become uniquely equipped to help our clients’ opportunities stand out in a crowded marketplace.